About Kaxe Communication

Magnus Kaxe has more than 15 years of experience in the music business, working with several international artists such as Clay Aiken, Garath Gates, Celine Dion, Super Junior and Westlife. 

He has also had several songs in Eurovision Song Contest ESC. As a song-writer, music producer and sound engineer 

Magnus Kaxe has been awarded several international platinum and gold records, a Swedish Grammy and has been nominated three times. Magnus Kaxe has also worked with advertising and production music for brands such as Hypernet, Gloip, Kronfågel and Hemglass.

He was co-founder of the sound production company Pole Position Production and the internationally acclaimed production team Agents Of Sweden. Magnus Kaxe has also been in the board of Musicians Union in Stockholm, Sweden. He also holds highly acclaimed lectures about music production and music science for companies and music universities. Kaxe Communications has music studio facilities in Stockholm (SWE) and Berlin (GER).


business areas


Music Industry                                       Music Production
Artists / Music ProjectsRecording / Mixing / Mastering
Advertising / Music BrandingPublishing
New MediaMusic And Sound Content
Film / TV / RadioMusic And Sound Branding / Sound Profiles
Game IndustryMusic Library

Lectures For Companies And Educations

Business Development / Sales / Networking
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p=producer ap=additional production w=writer me=mixing engineer re=recording engineer ae=assistant engineer m=mastering





Aloha From Hell Don’t Hurt Yourself w
Sony Music 
200.000 album sales  
Aloha From Hell So What’s Going On w
Sony Music200.000 album sales
Ampie du Preez Maak Jou Drome Waar wSony Music
Any DiamondHigher GroundwCosmosGold Album (SWE)
AndrietteRemain In Me
Sony Music

AquariusaeUniversal Music
Cartoon HerosaeUniversal Music
No.4 UK Single Charts
AquaGoodbye To The CircusaeUniversal Music
AquaGood GuyesaeUniversal Music
Åsa JinderTill Alvame reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderTills Dagen Vaknarme reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderAv Längtan Till Digme reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderBröllopsdagenme reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderOppigårnme reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderO Tysta Ensamhetvisame reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderVisa Från Utanmyrame reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderNära Digme reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderUnder Samma Himmelme reVirgin Music
Platinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderStilla Ro & Närame reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderGlädjenme reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderDagg Över Hårga Äng
me reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Åsa JinderFraganciame reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)

Backstreet BoysIt’s TrueaeJive/Zomba/BMGMore than 20 Million Album Sales
Backstreet BoysThe Answer To Our LifeaeJive/Zomba/BMGMore than 20 Million Album Sales
BB MakEmily SongaeTelstar Records
BB MakOnly When It RainsaeTelstar Records
Benny AnderssonSånger Från Andra VåningenreMono MusicMovie Soundtrack
Billy CrawfordCome Into My LifeaeV2 Records
Billy CrawfordSupernaturalaeV2 Records
Björn CasapietraAll I Am, All I WantwSony Ariola

Björn CasapietraA Petal Of A RosewSony Ariola
Björn CasapietraBottle MessagewSony Ariola
Björn CasapietraMake BelievewSony Ariola
Björn CasapietraMammina MiawSony Ariola
Björn CasapietraLied für einen besten FreundwSony Ariola
BlissBoogie The Nightw p me reMisty Music
Britney SpearsGirl In The MirroraeZomba/Jive
Britney SpearsJoy Of PepsiaePepsi

Cajsa-Stina ÅkerströmAv Längtan Till Digme reVirgin MusicPlatinum Album (SWE) / Grammy (SWE)
Celine DionCouldaWouldaShouldreSony Colombia
Celine DionI’m AliveaeSony Colombia
Celine DionThe Greatest RewardreSony Colombia
Christina LindbergTutu
wWarner Music
Clay AikenFalling
wRCA RecordsNo.4 US Billboard 200
CSJH The GraceDream Come TruewSM Town

DestinoKeep The Dream AlivewShoreline

EmmyDominosw p me reIndependent

Gareth GatesAnyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)   reMeika MusicNo. 1 UK Single Charts
Gareth GatesEvergreen
aeMeika MusicNo. 1 UK Single Charts
Gareth GatesWith You All The TimereMeika Music
George MeiringFallingw apSonyBMGTop10 South Africa

Helen SjöholmJag Lyfter Ögatme reNaxos
Helen SjöholmGabriellas SångreVirgin Music

Jessica FolkerLost Without Your Lovep reZomba/JiveNo.1 South Korea / Top10 Japan

KAOS!Undesired Isolation (single)mIndependent
KAOS!Scream In Silence (album)mIndependent

Lasse StefanzIngenting MerwFrituna                        Platinum (SWE/NOR) / Grammy Nom (SWE)
Leif EngwallsVälkommen HemwHeartband
Lena PhilipssonFly Me Over The Rainboww p wMusikverkstaden
LovexCrash My Worldw
EMI Music
LovexWatch OutwEMI Music
Ludvig Andersson1968w p me reS56 / Warner Music
Ludvig AnderssonBefore I Fade Awayw p me reS56 / Warner Music
Ludvig AnderssonCrazy Nightsp me reS56 / Warner Music
Ludvig AnderssonDeal With The Devilw p re meS56 / Warner Music
Ludvig AnderssonEp me reS56 / Warner Music
Ludvig AnderssonFallen Manp me reS56 / Warner Music
Ludvig AnderssonFear & Loathingw p me reS56 / Warner Music
Ludvig AnderssonNeverending Dancep me reS56 / Warner Music
Ludvig AnderssonNorthern Girlp me reS56 / Warner Music
Ludvig AnderssonOne Touchp me reS56 / Warner Music
Ludvig AnderssonStareyed Boyp me reS56 / Warner Music
LyndelleI Won’t Confessw p reUniversal Music

MaarjaBy The Light Of The Moonw p reUniversal Music
MaarjaForgetw p reUniversal Music
MaarjaHe Is Always On My Mindp reUniversal Music
MaarjaI Cannot Help Myselfw p reUniversal Music
MaarjaIf I Couldp reUniversal Music
MaarjaPlaying Your Gamep reUniversal Music
Margareta Jalkeus
Stilla Ro Och Närame reVirgin Music
MarsWhere Did We Go WrongwWarnerGold Album (GER) / Over 300.000 Album Sales
Mathias HolmgrenHimlen Över VärmlandwEMI Music
Mathias HolmgrenHela Livetw p me reWarner MusicGrammy Nom (SWE)
Mathias HolmgrenVägen Hemw p me reWarner MusicGrammy Nom (SWE)
Mathias HolmgrenOch Bara Med Dig Är Jag Help me reWarner MusicGrammy Nom (SWE)

Peter JöbackHigherreSony Colombia
Peter JöbackRocketreSony Colombia
Peter JöbackOnly When I Breathe (album)aeSony Colombia

RolaMemorieswUniversalNo.1 Itunes Japan

SavannaI Love 2wSavanna MusicNo.1 Kids Top 20 (NL) - 7 weeks
Sofi BondeMagicw
Pool Sounds
Sofi BondeSleepwPool Sounds
Spin-up10.000 milesp reEpic
Stefan NilssonBarbara
me reVirgin Music
Stefan NilssonKonsertstycke I Ciss Mollme reVirgin Music
Stefan NilssonMartins Sångme reVirgin Music
Stefan NilssonPrologme reVirgin Music
Stefan NilssonSmekmånadme reVirgin Music
Stefan NilssonViolinenme reVirgin Music
Stefan NilssonAvskedreVirgin MusicGold Album (SWE)
Stefan NilssonFestenreVirgin MusicGold Album (SWE)
Stefan NilssonGabriellas PianoreVirgin MusicGold Album (SWE)
Stefan NilssonGabriellas SångreVirgin MusicGold Album (SWE)
Stefan NilssonLenas PianoreVirgin MusicGold Album (SWE)
Stefan NilssonVinterlandskapet
reVirgin MusicGold Album (SWE)
Stefan SundströmFraganciame reVirgin Music
StepsIt’s The Way You…aeJive
Super JuniorOne Fine Spring DaywSM TownNo.7 World Album Chart / 1 Million Album Sales
Sylvia VrethammarLivet Har Börjat Med DigwUniversal Music

Tommy KörbergHärlig Är Jordenme reNaxos

WestlifeEvergreenaeRCA RecordsNo.1 UK Single Charts
WestlifeFool AgainaeRCA RecordsNo.1 UK Single Charts
WestlifeMy LoveaeRCA RecordsNo.1 UK Single Charts
WestlifeI Lay My Love On YouaeRCA Records
Will YoungEvergreenaeRCA RecordsNo.1 UK Single Charts
ZlipsFör Varje GångwIndependent


FriggsTea for twop me reBubble-Gum
FriggsTablettbrusCw p me re     Bubble-Gum

GloipGloip Themep me reHL Design

HemglassHemglass 2.0p me reBubble-Gum
HemglassHemglass Calypsop me reBubble-Gum
HemglassHemglass Playerp me reBubble-Gum

HypernetHypernet Themew p me re
HL Design
HypernetHypernet Film Signaturw p me reHL Design
HypernetHypernet Förskolaw p me reHL Design
HypernetHypernet Grundskolaw p me reHL Design
HypernetHypernet Gymnasiumw p me reHL Design

KronfågelPopp me reBubble-Gum
Kronfågel70’s Loungep me reBubble-Gum
KronfågelShort Radiop me reBubble-Gum
KronfågelBlue Grassp me reBubble-Gum

Sigtuna StadshotellSigtuna Stadshotell Themep me reHL DesignAwarded Ametist for Best Webpage Of The Year 2009


Stockholm (SWE) 
Ph +46 8 268 888 / +46 709 793 111 

Berlin (GER) 
Ph: +49 157 7732 0125 

Skype: callto:magnuskaxe
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